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Sales and refund policy

When booking online a tandem skydive a payment of 100€ is required to confirm your reservation and check-in time. The remaining amount is due on the day of your skydive. All tandem deposit payments are valid for 12 months. All deposits made within the 48 hour window prior to the skydives are considered final.

If Skydiving Croatia cancels your tandem skydive due to unfavorable weather conditions or other circumstances beyond Skydiving Croatia’s control, you can choose to reschedule your tandem skydive to another available date or have your deposit refunded. If you request a refund, the purchase price will be refunded using the original payment method.

In case you are unable to experience your tandem skydive due to your own misconduct (rescheduling or canceling your booking without a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, failure to show up on time, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs before your skydive or not following other instructions and requirements for a tandem skydive) you will not be entitled to get refund of the deposit.

If you need to reschedule your tandem skydive, the deposit you paid during the booking process will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Individuals must reschedule their booking up to 48 hours before their reservation date or risk losing their deposit. Groups must reschedule up to 72 hours before their reservation date or risk losing their deposit.

Customers booking a tandem skydive through a travel agent/agency are advised to first check availability directly with Skydiving Croatia. Please note, Skydiving Croatia does not take responsibility for erroneous/duplicate bookings made/guaranteed by the agent/agency when there is no availability on our live booking calendar. Additionally, in case skydiving operations are canceled for the day and the customer is eligible for a refund, the customer must contact the agency for a refund.

Travel agents/agencies must have a signed contract with Skydiving Croatia in order to book tandem skydives at our locations. Any bookings made without the official agreement will not be considered valid and the customers will not be allowed to skydive.