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About Skydiving

What do we say about skydiving? well.. You had many jumps in Your life, but this is a jump that will be remembered throughout Your whole life.

 A jump out of a perfectly good airplane 🙂

The whole process of jumping and freefalling is called skydiving, and its by far one of the most satisfying feelings a human can experiance. While skydiving You feel an amazing adrenalline rush combined with a great feeling of pleasure. Skydiving in Croatia is unique because of the beautiful terrain you freefall and glide over. So if you are coming for a vacation in Croatia, you should definitely try skydiving!

We cooperate with all the best clubs in Croatia and we provide the skydiving activity in Zagreb, Zadar, Hvar and Istria region. Some other locations are available on demand so please contact us for more information.

So, the adventure begins with a short ground preparation where your instructor will provide you with the information about the jump. You will go over the proper technique for exiting the aircraft, flying your body in freefall and controlling the parachute descent. Then you will put on a special skydiving jumpsuit, a para helment and you are ready to go.

Board the plane with your instructor and enjoy the panoramic flight while climbing to 11,000 feet.

HERE WE GOOOO !!!! Freefall and enjoy the rush, the sound of freedom and the feeling of limtless… After about 40 seconds of freefalling the instructor will pull the ripcord and the main canopy will deploy.. From this moment you will have about 5 minutes of a beautiful panoramic canopy ride to the landing point and you can take control of the steering until your instructor brings you in to land.

After landing you will receive a jump certificate and if you purchased a DVD you can pick it up 1 hour after the landing.


Get away from a boaring everyday routine and Skydive Croatia 🙂